AlBusaili and Ecosir Group partnership in Saudi Arabia

The partnership cooperation has been signed and performed between the two professional companies.  This combination is ready to provide high quality vacuum waste transfer technology projects for new green technology MEGA city projects including hospitals and elederly care. 

“Ecosir is very happy to provide our PWCS and AWLS technology and cooperate with AlBusaili who is well known company with over 60 years history and knowhow. ,”Mauri Leponen,CEO Ecosir Group  

“We are thrilled to join forces with the highly esteemed Ecosir Group, known for their exceptional expertise and professionalism in the industry. Our partnership is a pivotal moment in our journey towards delivering groundbreaking and sustainable solutions for our clients and society as a whole. Together, we will push the boundaries of innovation and lead the way in creating a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future. Our commitment to excellence and our shared values of integrity and social responsibility make this partnership all the more meaningful and impactful.” Says Mr. Ali AlBusaili, Managing Director AlBusaili Company” 

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