Ecosir waste and laundry logistics for Norway’s new Stavanger University Hospital

The long-term renewal program in hospital construction in Norway is continuing, with old hospitals being demolished or modernized and new ones built. The introduction of new treatment methods and implementation of technological equipment require the personnel and material logistics of the entire hospital’s automation system to be at the same level.

The amounts of waste and laundry produced at hospitals are very high. At the same time, the duration of treatment events is decreasing and the number of patients and the turnover rate are increasing. The goal of the aforementioned care model is to facilitate good care and the safe, timely discharge of patients. This minimizes the risk of infections that may arise in the hospital or be brought in with the person being treated there, as well as helping fight the global increase in the risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The new Stavanger University Hospital implemented an international competition for waste and laundry logistics, which was won by the NLI Engineering AS being full-worthy exclusive partner for Ecosir Group technology in Norway . The system to be provided includes the entirety of the new hospital section’s vacuum transfer system for waste and laundry, as well as the connection with the new surgical department hospital that will be built later on. The project contract with SUS is carried out by NLI Engineering in cooperation with Ecosir Group .

“The need for laundry and waste transfer efficiency in a hospital can be compared to a city that is set inside a very tightly demarcated block. The amounts of waste and laundry are large, and in addition to this, the size and weight of the bags to be moved are many times bigger than those in standard urban waste system. This means that a hospital system requires very high-level and efficient transfer technology,” explains Mauri Leponen, CEO of Ecosir Group Oy

“We use the latest technology in all that we design and deliver. All the elements have been developed for the most demanding hospital purposes. The systems are modular, so they are scalable in terms of space usage and required capacity. We also apply this same technology to urban waste system projects and mega hospitals in Asia,” says Leponen.

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Exclusive partner in Norway

Ecosir Group Oy is a leader in demanding waste and laundry vacuum transfer system (PWCS) technology. The company has more than 30 years of experience in logistics systems. The export is more than 60% and growing for demanding international markets. The company’s headquarters and main operations are in Espoo, Finland and the administration in City of Tampere. Internationally, the company has an extensive partner network (EU, Middle East and Asia).

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