Jarno Pääjärvi has been appointed into International Sales, City Environment and Health Care Logistic Solutions

Ecosir Group Oy, a pioneer in recycling raw materials and laundry pipe transfer systems in the Health Care and City Environment business areas, has appointed Jarno Pääjärvi, into International Sales, City Environment and Health Care Logistic Solutions. The business area is mainly the growing international market in Asia with its dealer network.

Jarno Pääjärvi has previously worked in sales for demanding technology systems in international markets. Companies under the name MAPVISION, HELPTEN and MULTIVAC.

“It’s a pleasure to start a new job. The company is in an exciting growth phase, so I look forward to being part of the Ecosir team to implement their growth strategy,” says Jarno Pääjärvi.

“Through Jarno, we will gain additional power, experience and new development models for our international sales,” adds Mauri Leponen, CEO.

Ecosir Group Oy is a market leader in the design and operation of pipe transfer systems, especially in the Health Care area. Operations are growing strongly and references are available at almost all university or central hospitals, as well as in several health centers, nursing homes, shopping centers and industry. In addition, the company has expanded into the City Environment area, particularly in Asia. The company operates in Espoo, Tampere and Singapore and with worldwide certified partners.

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