Major PWCS system delivery to Sun Yat building complex

The huge building complex is located at Guangdong, Greater Bay Area, with a total construction area of 500,000 square meters. The logistic pneumatic waste solution (PWCS) system is on the way to follow the piping installation. The delivery consists of major number of outdoor (ODI) and indoor (IDI) waste inlets and equipment for waste terminal transfer solution.

The system is part of total logistic solution concept for building complex having in total four (4) logistic systems. The idea of the total system provider is to maximize the use of modern logistic transfer with high capacity. At the same time, it minimizes the overall costs like manpower and non-profitable extra building area.

The total solution concept has got great interest worldwide. At moment China is investing into new technology and innovations faster than other countries.

“The solution is not only efficient- it is also very environmentally friendly. The total logistic solution minimizes CO2 emissions and maximizes the recycling over the building lifetime. There is no need to build huge number of square meters just for no real function. The green building is free of extra storage areas, corridors and rooms which are just consuming energy for cooling, heating, lightning, cleaning etc.” states Mauri Leponen, CEO Ecosir Group

The total logistic solution project is being carried out and support by Telelift China.

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