New and huge Al Adan Hospital Includes Cutting Edge Technology from Ecosir Group

After new expansion Al Adan Hospital will be one of the largest in the Middle East area, almost doubling in size to approx. 500.000 m2. The automatic waste and linen transfer system installed is latest healthcare technology from Ecosir Group.

 – Succeeding in an international tender process is a great achievement for us and for Finnish healthcare technology exports, says Ecosir Group’s CEO Mauri Leponen.

The waste and linen transfer system designed for Al Adan Hospital’s new Maternity and Pediatrics healthcare facilities will minimize hygiene risks by automatically and within 10 to 15 seconds remove waste and soiled linen/laundry material. The system decreases the risk of infections, speeds up patients’ healing period and improves the hospital staffs’ working comfort.

– Gathering and transferring contaminated materials through the hospital in trolleys is not only labour intensive, but also poses a great hygiene risk. The entire treatment process is impacted as there usually are people in hospitals who have a lowered resistance or are recovering from operations. Hygiene is extremely important, says Leponen.

 Knowledge and Technology Are Key in Stopping “Superbugs”

Antimicrobial resistant (AMR) bacteria, the so-called superbugs, have become a major source of concern for the healthcare industries and WHO. Hospitals have traditionally fought against harmful bacteria by focusing on operating room and hand hygiene. Yet when it comes to life threatening superbugs, hygiene in healthcare settings should be approached more holistically covering the whole hygienic chain (

 – Superbugs are already now a major problem worldwide and near future looks like a horror story. If we do not actively strive to improve the hygiene of healthcare processes, superbugs will become a serious problem for our daily life and for health care process. We at Ecosir are doing our part in this battle.

 The automatic waste and linen transfer system will be delivered to Kuwait’s Al Adan Hospital during 2018–2019.The system will be an integral part of the hospital’s overall hygiene system, which also benefits from the latest SMART phone and mobile monitoring developed by Ecosir.

 Ecosir Group Oy is the leader in waste and laundry vacuum transfers system and especially for high standard Health Care field in hospitals and care centers. The innovations and knowledge over 30 years makes it unique in its field. The company is in heavy growth path in international and domestic market.

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